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Dental Cleaning Special

Dental disease is the most common medical abnormality that affects dogs and cats.  Scheduling your pet for a dental prophy (cleaning, polishing, evaluating all of the teeth while your pet is anesthetized) is recommended at least yearly to reduce tooth loss due to periodontal disease and to avoid the discomfort associated with infection, inflammation and fractured teeth when not treated.  

Dental Prophy Prices

Cats:  $270 (using safest anesthetic available)

Dogs:  $257-310.50 (ranges based on body weight, up to 74 lbs)

Dental prophy includes:  anesthesia, cleaning & polishing the teeth, antibiotic injection, fluid administration, anesthetic monitoring equipment, antibiotics to go home.
Dental prophy excludes:  extractions, X-rays, treatments for pain, lab testing.

We offer a 10% discount on all dental care during the months of February, June, and October.